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Shall I count my seconds in years,
Deciphering the feelings of your heart sheer?
Oh yes, I’m … real, and STILL missing
From the very second that “woman dear”, clearly,
Caressing your old personalities, pictured in nice words
Showing not trivialities,
And don’t tell me it’s all in vain, if you want I’m here,
For the rest of my life, about 50 years,
You’ll find me whatever it takes,
Whenever hunger and cold your body shakes,
Wherever nature your dry and warm house makes,
However your mature now heart aches
And breaks into pieces;
I’m stuck now, I don’t know what to do,
It seems I don’t want inside to die –
Let me show you the world through my eyes,
‘Cause you cared about how love by letters in mail
Could be pictured by a poor and ugly female,
Fired at, burned down, and still vaping smokes
Of a youth 10 years older that yours;
I would like to take off all of your burden,
To listen a thousand times to what I have heard from you and
After a moment of recall such intense
Of both, to crush you dearly in a weeplike sea of incense
Which maybe you are waiting from
A different kind of material, genetic,
Of a superior enclave, ethnic,
But with you, I say “Here you go” in turn,
I have all the time-space reasons to adjourn
Myself, but happiness, no worries, it’s you,
Which I could eventually turn into my sorries.
I’ve also been randomly flying to and treading on
Some places you have never been,
Which you’ll be able to make them be seen
Only if you let yourself be adrawn
To take a nap beside my meaningless dream
In my small down-to-earth world of which
A large part is already yours, luring me to elope
Even if on an untrustworthy slope.
Burn I beg my letter now or answer it instead,
Now I wish I will never have to go to bed.

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