joi, 18 iulie, 2019


Just throw away your mirrors, cause you’re already here,
Our precious words are closer than they may appear,
Turn forward time, I also did, no matter if
Or what our mental health had to retrieve,
I owe you something, I don’t know, some thoughts,
My art is not for art, – may hear it, lots-,
Take my pain and heal it in your mild cord,
I’m going to the sweetest whistle I have heard,
I told you about life and death and birth,
To make you not forget you are a wandering bird,
And if you did that, proceed to build your house-nest,
From earth and wood and what you’ll find it’s best,
From water pebbles, hay and muddy ground,
And make my music just the slightest sound
If you have one, of your own storm,
To test your lonely fears on your own.
And find yourself a strong milestone to lean on,
‘Cause my other self urges so much to be keen on,
Don’t want to cut your wings, I want to give you mine,
Your youth and inner beauty is what makes divine,
Your dreams might pull out bars, your karma loop is endless,
Be ash, and tango in your sleep, and give your love relentless.

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Despre marianacruceru1114

I am nobody. I am a mother. I was poor. I still am. But I’m smart and sharp. And I’m nice. And I’m pretty. Let’s proceed. B. 1978, Craiova. Bachelor of Letters. Teacher.


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