duminică, 21 iulie, 2019


I know that death couldn’t hurt more
Than the next moment you were born,
So, let your life tree to grow mold,
Oh, don’t grow old!

With hand in hand, when back is ruptured,
And all that’s binding loved ones has gone low,
And all you have is but one soul to care about,
Oh, old don’t grow!

When all of your possessions had gone rusted,
And every cell had multiplied a thousand times,
Forget your big bang in my heart, I won’t,
Old, grow, you don’t!

And even though we are so destined to be parted
When every person that I met to met you’s gone below,
Hey, for one second you have made me happy,
Old, please, don’t grow!

And when you wake at night and don’t know why
It’s ‘cause you’ve just remembered in your dream,
That I have prayed to find someone without a place to go,
Please don’t grow old!

But stop. D’you know that air and water, memory they have,
You bended with your body space and time,
I’ll wait until you figure out what that it is, hey,
Old don’t grow, ney!

I know detailed coordinates, and those I can
Harness with long imaginary chords,
What about time? He runs behind, he’s clever,
Old, don’t grow, ever!

You looked at me with pity, then; you saw
With every monthly moon that passed by
That time’s a thief. So let me make my days, my poems, – cold -
No, don’t grow old!

1 April 2019

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I am nobody. I am a mother. I was poor. I still am. But I’m smart and sharp. And I’m nice. And I’m pretty. Let’s proceed. B. 1978, Craiova. Bachelor of Letters. Teacher.


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